Pastor Ryan gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1999 at the age 23 at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar.  He was born in Downtown Los Angeles, but grew up in South El Monte.  Ryan's cultural stream is a diverse flow of Mexican heritage on his mother's side, and Hawaiian-Arab roots from his father.  Ryan grew up in an abusive atmosphere.  His father abandoned him from birth, and he was replaced by an abusive stepfather.  At age 15 Ryan fought back and his stepfather left for good.  With this new liberty, Ryan began to search for love and meaning.  In order to deal with the mental and emotional pain from the loneliness, he began to depend on alcohol and drugs.  Ryan found refuge and an outlet for his anger in the Punk Scene.  This eventually led Ryan into a gang-style culture, which engulfed his life up until his conversion. 
“I had believed that God didn’t love me because of the neglect and abuse that I had experienced as a young child; I also had thought that God would never accept me because of my own terrible sins. When I heard the Gospel message, I learned that God did indeed love me, and that Jesus Christ died for all of my sins.”

Ryan attended Calvary Chapel Diamond Bar for one year.  After that, through the invitation of friends from work, he attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for the next 4 years.  In 2001, Ryan went on an Israel tour hosted by Pastor Chuck Smith.  On that trip Ryan met Pastor Gerry Brown of U Turn for Christ, who became Ryan’s mentor.  During this time, Ryan began to serve in the Orange County Jails, mission trips, and teach home bible studies.  In 2003 Ryan married Clarissa, who is a Calvary Chapel Bible College, and Cal baptist graduate.  At the time, they began dating when they were both invited to serve at the same home bible study in Rancho Santa Margarita, Clarissa led worship with her guitar, and Ryan was the guest teacher.  They've been serving the Lord together ever since. 

In 2004 they moved to Beaumont, and Ryan was ordained at Calvary Chapel Romoland, where he served as an Assistant Pastor under Gerry Brown for four years.  It was here where Ryan received most of his biblical servant-hood and training.
In 2005 the Lord led Ryan to start a home bible study in Beaumont that would eventually birth the church.
Ryan continues to share his simple, straight-forward style of teaching, while the LORD continues His renewing process.  Pastor Ryan lives with his wife and two children in the Pass area.